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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

DNSR Announces that Super Premium Domain is Going Up for Sale for the First Time Ever

Share it Please (Domain Name Sales Report) is pleased to announce that the generic domain first registered in 1996 is going up for sale for the first time ever. represents a very unique opportunity for any company or individual who is interested in owning a highly brandable domain name.
Delray Beach, Florida (PRWEB) July 17, 2012, a domain that was first registered in 1996, is going up for sale for the first time ever. The generic, yet highly brandable domain has received more than 500 unsolicited offers over the last sixteen years. Since it was being used for a project until recently, those offers were ultimately ignored.
Now the owner of the domain is looking to move on with other opportunities and has decided to offer it for sale. However in this case unlike most domain name sales, it will not be sold off to the company or individual who is willing to sign the biggest check.
The owner of the domain has a great amount of personal attachment to it, so where it ultimately ends up is of great importance and will in fact play a very big role in determining who it is sold off to.
According to the founder of, also known as Domain Name Sales Report Sean Sullivan, “ is a really incredible domain and one that I think would be extremely beneficial to a number of corporations. As we have seen in the past from the efforts of others, these types of domain names are essentially lightning rods for attention and often become the cornerstone for an emerging brands marketing campaign. It is rare that these domains ever come up for sale and most often they are quickly and quietly acquired in private deals. We anticipate receiving even more interest from potential buyers in the coming weeks.”
The popularity of these types of domain names is well known and in many cases they end up being the center piece for a large corporation’s key products and services. Often the most valuable of the domain names are sold for six and seven figures. Most notably with being sold to Time Warner for $750,000 in 2008, for $100,000 in 2009 and it has been speculated that others have sold for millions in private deals that were locked under non-disclosure agreements.
While the sale is expected to bring a considerable amount of money, ultimately that is not the deciding factor.
Sullivan explaining further, “As ridiculous as it might sound to some people, the owner of the name has a real emotional attachment to it. For those of us working within technology our whole lives, domains can become the (almost) physical embodiment of a dream. So when you have to let go of that, and move on from it, it can be tough. The owner is interested in working with DNSR for the purpose of not only publicizing the sale, but making sure that the domain finds a home where it will be put to good use. We think that over the next few weeks we will be able to accomplish that goal.”
Interested parties should go to the information page regarding which can be found at this link. Domain Name.
About DNSR:
DNSR is not a domain brokerage company, but instead acts as a third party that can often help companies and intellectual property owners find the middle ground to increase the probability of a sale. Most often using quantifiable research data and analysis to determine the most accurate price range for a domain name and or website.
DNSR will connect the buyer and seller and in some cases work with domain brokers on both the buyer and sellers side and then assist in the logistics of completing the transaction.
DNSR also provides it’s clients with legal support and has full time in house counsel to defend domains from UDRP. It has successfully defended clients from several Fortune 500 companies against UDRP, Domain Name Hijacking and TM applications for the purpose of UDRP.
DNSR is based out of Delray Beach, Florida

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