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Friday, November 23, 2012

Llll .com Domain investment Strategies and future values of 4

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Four letter domain names are very hard to find these days . As you might know literally all combinations of four letter .com generally referred as domains are registered. You can search any combination of 4 letter domains its taken.

1. Four letter are Brandable and easy to sell
2. It is easy to remember
3. LLLL .com domains are ranked higher by search engines

Some websites like ,, 1domainaday ebay store sell these 4 letter domains, there are many sellers and buyers on Sedo too. Personally I buy from ebay because its cheaper and not many domain investors are searching in ebay. So you get good 4 letter domains for less in Auction.

Try to buy pronounceable domains
Min Wholesale: $4800
Double Premiums: $6200
Triple Premium: $12000
Minimum Wholesale: $22
CCCC: $21 ($500)
CCVC: $26 ($600)
CVCC: $27 ($600)
CCVV: $44 ($600)
VCCC: $30 ($750)
VVCC: $32 ($1000)
VCCV: $34 ($1500)
CVVC: $45 ($1800)
VVVC: $75 ($1000)
VCVC: $75 ($4000)
CVVV: $85 ($900)
VVCV: $90 ($1500)
VCVV: $100 ($2000)
VVVV: $250* ($1500)
CVCV: $300 ($9000)

* Insufficient sales data to conclusively provide a minimum valuation.
The letter Y was considered a consonant for the purpose of this price guide. In reality, it can serve as both a consonant or vowel, however this often becomes somewhat subjective and open to bias (eg. sellers will always think their domain is more pronounceable than buyers).
single premium: $25
double premium: $29
triple premium: $35
quad premium: $240
triple letter: $200 ($800)
triple repeat: $350 ($1800)
palindrome: $300 ($1200)
ABAB: $275 ($1000)
AABB: $400 ($1500)

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