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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Five Top Domain Investment Strategies

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Five Top Domain Investment Strategies – Part 1 of 5
There are essentially five domain investment strategies that work better than most others. This is not information most people would be willing to share, but I thought I’d let it out there – if it helps one person register better domains, all the better.
Investment Strategy # 1: Geo Domains
City names, state names, country names in any tld are called Geo domains. Such names might be tough to monetize without development, but resale values are usually substantial and most extensions will get traffic and thus revenues. Generally locations with population greater than 100,000 are considered worthy of owning, but high value niche locations can be just as lucrative.
These domains are tough to hand register, but you can pick up drops here and there and when new TLDs are introduced these are the first to get sold out, specially if its a ccTLD or a TLD that matches the geo location.
I’ll give a few examples of core geo domains –, or even would be core geo domains.
Second rung geo domains are of the type CityState.tld or CityCountry.tld or even CityStateabbreviation.tld – such domains are best restricted to the top 3 gtlds – .com / .net / .org or their local ccTLDs; Examples of such names would be or;
Valuations of such domains are tough to ascertain and thus extreme care should be taken to ensure that you do not overpay for such domains as traffic is usually extremely restricted to these.
The third rung of Geo domains are what are known as Keyword Geo domains.These only make sense for extremely high population areas like Capital cities and Major Metros. Again, these are best in .com / .net / .org or geo matching tlds.
A lot of these are still available and in some locations end users love them as it allows them to get to the top of the SEO heap pretty easily. I’ve seen quite a few end user and bulk sales of these type of domains to brick and mortar companies or professionals who get the whole PPC game.
Examples of Geo Keyword domains are or or or and – which are the first domains I ever registered back in 1998. They are still developed sites though due for a makeover soon.
Even developed, these are tough to monetize, though the amount of local goodwill one can gather from these is tremendous and this creates a good amount of leads for other related service offerings.
I will say here that my Geo Domain holdings are extremely minute and only represent less than 1% of my domain portfolio and are only limited to my own Geo location and sphere of work.

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